Warehousing & Distribution Services

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

We specialize in order processing and delivery for ecommerce businesses. Our focus is to ensure your brand makes a memorable impression on every customer. We have the capability to gift-wrap, personalize, customize any packaging and product to meet and exceed the customer’s needs.

Warehouse Services

If you are looking for labor, equipment and facilities, KPower has warehousing technology, expertise and best-in-class service regarding all facets of the warehouse.

Bulk Storage

Our team specializes in optimizing warehouse capacity to ensure top performance in our operations. Whether requiring racks or floor-stack put-away, we offer a vast number of customizable and configured warehouse layouts to meet and exceed your warehousing needs.

Cold Storage

We have a network of numerous strategically located refrigerated facilities that are ideal for pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, along with other perishable goods and items.

Custom Packaging, Repack and Kit Building

Our company has over 25+ years’ experience in custom packing and repack for our customers across the global. We specialize in:

  • Cross-dock & Transload Solutions

    We have the capability, labor and equipment to perform nearly any cross-docking operation in and outside of our current facilities. We specialize in providing premium service with best-in-class operational efficiency.

  • Returns Management

    KPower has 25+ years’ experience in returns management services. We have focused on returned-unit evaluation, warranty assessment, product repackaging, repair/refurbishment along with disposal. We handle these return solutions in a logical and expedited manner.

  • Sort & Segregate

    Our team has experience in sorting and segregating products whether for storage or shipment. We excel in this aspect because of our experienced team that can manage the operational efficiency and effectiveness of a sort & segregate facility.

Staffing Services

K Power Staffing Solutions prides ourselves on the integrity of our brand. We’ve grown from a local provider to a regional staffing service, and now all the way to the coastline. We have 5,000 employees and 20k+ approved applicants and 20+ recruiters nationwide with multiple offices across the US.

We provide Staffing for distribution centers, manufacturing plants, to whatever needs out clients require. We provide SERVICE above all.

We won’t compromise our integrity to provide our client’s service. Background checks, E Verify, and drug screening are our minimum requirements to net an interview. Placement of our associates into long term assignments is our goal.

Whether it’s a Peak season need, short term project, long term assignment, or a temp to hire opportunity. We value our clients and their needs.

We also have the unique market ability to secure labor for our 3PL division. Giving us the edge on the competition!

Other Services

Transportation Services

Our transportation team has 100+ years’ experience in domestic and international transportation. We specialize in:

  • Parcel
  • LTL
  • Truckload
  • Local & Long-haul
  • Intermodal
  • Yard Hostling
  • Expedited/Air Freight

Freight Bill Audit / Freight Payment

We traffic consultants provide a total solution for Transportation Spend Management for all modes including:

  • Claims Processing
  • Carrier Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Contract Management
  • Data Capture
  • Pre-Audit
  • Cost Center Coding
  • Payment Processing with On-Line Reporting

Warehouse Management Systems

Our WMS implementation team designs and customizes all our platforms to meet specific customer needs. We focus on optimizing different warehouse functions and helping to ensure that goods and materials move through warehouses in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Yard Management Systems

The layout of our YMS is designed to efficiently and effectively facilitate the management of trailers, trucks in the yard or warehouse. Our team will focus on the day-to-day logistical problems your operation faces, then we work closely with our customers to develop key integration that suits their needs and resolves all operational inefficiencies.

Transportation Management Systems

Our TMS is a logistics platform that uses technology to help businesses plan, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods. Whether incoming or outgoing, or simply making sure the shipment is compliant and proper documentation is available. Our TMS helps your business select the optimal mode of shipment and the best carrier, based on cost, efficiency, and distance, including optimizing multi-leg carrier routes.

Consulting Services

Our consulting team has over 100+ years’ experience in logistics and supply chain management – including network planning, sales & operations planning, warehouse design and layout, inventory optimization and all process improvements. We will be with your team from start to finish, and even during infant care practices – we will ensure we deliver cost-effective and operational-efficient solutions for your company.

Short- & Long-Term Rental Space

We offer short- & long-term rental space across the United States. Small and large, we can flex in and out of any space needs you may have!

Special Projects

We also special in any specific or off-the-wall projects that your supply chain may face. From any side of the spectrum, our team will ensure we meet and exceed any project-based needs you may have!

Other Specialties

Don’t see a service you need listed above? We also specialize in everything else outside the box! Please contact us today to discuss your needs!

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