I have used K Power in several markets over the years that consisted of various types of operations. K Power’s ability to meet the business needs no matter where the location as well as their ability to adapt to a unique project has really provided an operational advantage. There are several special projects and operations we would not have been able to be successful in if we were not partnered with K Power. The teams and leadership are top notch.

It is my belief that in order to be cool, you have to do cool things. Being a true partner, being flexible, and viewing commitments to our customers just as we do - is cool. Understanding, aligning to and actually living our values - is cool. Executing on deliverables, doing great work, and delivering our promises to our customers - is the coolest.

We understand quality, we believe quality starts with people and should be visible in ever aspect of a company. Kpower understands this as well…from their people and their products to their consistent follow up and communication, to their service excellence and incredible work standards, you will not a better partner on the planet.

I was first introduced to K Power Global Logistics 5 years ago when I oversaw regional distribution for a Fortune 500 company. We chose them as an hourly and piece-rate staffing provider alongside other agencies. To everyone’s surprise, they were able outperform much larger national (and even international) providers on almost all relevant metrics such as fill rates, retention, etc. and what started out as mainly a provision for peak months soon turned into a year-round engagement. What set them apart was their ability to leverage their deep roots in the midsouth area and leverage their extensive recruiting network. This, combined with excellent front-line leadership on site at our facilities, meant that they were continuously engaged with their workforce and our management teams alike. Their primary on-site Director tirelessly interfaced with all levels of our management across day and night shifts to brainstorm solutions to challenges when they arose; indeed, our journey together wasn’t one without hurdles, faced with an extremely limited labor pool in a tough market especially around holidays. Yet, K Power’s ability to get creative with pay programs (‘stay pay’, pay for performance, combining hourly jobs with piece-rate functions, etc.) made them remarkably successful. To put things in perspective, their peak staffing levels at one point neared 2,000 employees during the holiday season. They soon became our primary staffing provider.

K Power has since successfully scaled their recruiting and leadership model across the country. They have a strong succession planning focus – in most markets, their managers, administrators, etc. are usually individuals who started out as entry-level warehouse associates and then rose up the ranks, making them extremely loyal to the company. More than being just an employer, they have truly changed many people’s lives, providing them with opportunities to thrive and grow with the company.

I highly recommend K Power Global Logistics for any staffing needs. As most leaders in the business are aware, there is no single winning recipe for a successful staffing engagement – it’s a combination of many factors. K Power is a highly customer-centric organization that will put your needs first and personalize their service to your requirements.